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Integration is - Living together in diversity - Equal Opportunities and thereby it should - equally combat discrimination and racism. In our own case it's all about the external appearances in major cases. Just because, in the mind of people, we represent strange cultures, mentalities or behaviours without even being given a chance of expression!

Learn to learn

Life is a permanent LEARNING and there's no appropriate age to LEARN. One just need to be willing! The issue should not be about what one is learning, from whom or which circumstances one is learning. The best way to do it is to start with a thought directed to what one to attain making use of a definite PURPOSE. This remind me of my grand-mother. She had her own way to let me understand why schooling brings basic life insurance along with.

Education is Future and Life, she kept telling me. Following this basic paradigm we do support education for all and insist Discrimination of any kind be banished from schools whether for adults, for the youth or children. With Education the poorest among poor may have hope for a better life and count in the society. This is why my Grand-mother told me repeatedly: 

Focus and create

Great philosophers from antiquity tomodern times have encouraged us to live an examined life. To mark the growthand decay of our soul, as George Herbert put it, is to let go of ego..

As with any subjective list, there could be points you believe are missing and perhaps points you believe don't belong here. I'm under no illusion that everyone will agree with everything I say, so take what you can use and leave the rest behind.