Money for a good cause!

"The legislation of a universal Social Security Code can help

- shape  the achievement of social justice and social security benefits, including social and educational aids.

It should help to ensure a decent existence,

to create equal conditions for the free development of personality, especially for young people, to protect the family and

to promote, facilitate the acquisition of livelihood through freely chosen activities and special stresses of life,

prevent or compensate by helping people help themselves.

"We have  a number of possible projects that can be executed in parallel.

Most of them are youth projects, which are designed by the young people themselves.

Lack of money many of them still have to wait in the drawer. Lack of money hs stopt us in all our youth activities after our youth project location has been taken away from us. Our youth meetings were organised every wednesday. Over two years ago I was contacted by the manager of the International Youth Center of Nuremberg. Mrs Simon has told me that your Association is in need of a permanent location for youth youth, he said. My answear was yes, till January 2011 I had no problem because my youth used a big room in my cafe-bistro-restaurant. But since  its closure early 2011 our activities have been stopt.

He gave me the keys of the haus at the condition that I restricted my group to the Youth of african roots becauseIf  the open international youth group was being taken care of by himself and his colleagues. Since it was all about Integration and aknowleging the multiplicity of social individual problems of the african youth group I started my project without delay and allowed their friends of asian and european origin to join us. The social and cultural complexity of my chosen group make of the concerned youth to be very instable through permanent drifting. While the group became biger and biger we had less and less Black Youth although those who joined us else than themselves were chosen by them.

The manager of the International Youth Center became more and more sceptical and wanted to interupt this project where I learned so much about problems of the international Youth, even why many of them were not good at school because they trusted me so much that they were telling me their personal private stories. There's also something that must be talked about. This big International Youth Haus has no real youth  project at all. On Tuesdays and thursdays, the only days one could attract the attention of the international youth, on these two playing days I found them to be wild and lacking self-confidence. Exactly this was what I decided to work on to bring in a change. That's why I decided to clear up this situation first without consideration of the various origins of the Youth. Me being an African, it would have taken some time to bring back the extream drifting black youth and I knew that without money nothing big could happen. One other thing is, although the contract to use  part of the haus was made between my organization and the International Youth Haus, the manager never allowed anybody else to represent me. As you can guess the only solution would be to have our own Haus where our social and cultural philosophy can be easily implemented.

Every Help is welcome, but the most important by now is our own house managed by our association. Do you have a suggestion or just want to donate? Please get in contact or just donate online or by money bank transfer (specify the use of your donation, general management of the association or contribution for the purchase of the Haus). 

Thank you in advance for any help from you for the benefits of our association!