Without communication and connectivity applied to school and individual initiative networks the Project “School without Racism” may not ever been sustainable. Ohm Gymnasium in Erlangen is one of those schools determined to combat discrimination and racism in the school system with all means.


The way things were organized one year ago (2013) convinced us to bring once more our contribution this year (2014). Over the last couple of decades it has been suggested that youth transitions have become increasingly protracted and complex resulting in a greater vulnerability to marginalization and exclusion. Conspicuous feature, i.e. social vulnerability, physical appearances, personalized belief or religion, still determines the fate of young Boys and Girls in various European countries, Germany in our present case.


Wherever our contribution has been needed we never hesitated to do what we could.


3. Nun, what is a school “without racism” committed to?



Every school director who professes the objectives of a "School without racism - school with courage" signs following commitment:



1. I am committed to ensuring to make of developing sustainable and long-term projects, activities and initiatives to overcome discrimination, including racism a central task of my school.



2. When violence happens at my school, discriminatory statements fall or acts of discrimination are exercised, I turn against them and am working to ensure that we find together in an open discussion on this problem ways to respect each other in the future.



3. I am working to ensure that a project on discrimination proceeded in the long term against all forms of discrimination; including racism at my school is carried out once a year.


The private initiative is very important but not enough. Effective efficiency needs governmental intervention with help of equity laws based on human rights.



Which discrimination tools are mostly used in schools? Which ones among them are mostly used against discriminated pupils?



School discipline is the most commonly used among most of them.


Yes, we all know that conspicuous feature, i.e. social vulnerability, physical appearances (race), personalized belief or religion, ultimately expressing itself through discrimination in school discipline is a real problem.


Positive discipline policies can help create safer learning environments without relying heavily on suspensions and expulsions. Schools also must understand their civil rights obligations and avoid unfair disciplinary practices.



Because things are what they are, please help us communicate and connect!