Seeds of our personality are to be found in the right move. Only self-coordinated movements bring the author forwards. Support is without self-conviction waist of time for both the helper and the helped.

That's why our support for the youth cannot be without self-initiatives from the Youth

The first youth initiative supported by Generation-Konji e.V. was the Youth dancing team cold Jerk-Nathoz by the youth themselves. ... And Patrick was one of the best among them.

As the Cafe-Bistro-Restaurant-Konji was closed in january 2011 hadship was given place and brought this wonderful youth initiative to an end.

The success of this group was due to their extream enthousiasm. Unfortunately because of an independant reursal place discouragement took the place of courage.

The fame of this group among equals pushed a new group of much younger boys to ask for the same help and support from us, which we gave them. Again here the contract signed with the management of the International Youth Center was brocken, bringing us to giving up a very wonderful project.

The ultimate solution is now Bulding or buying our own youth center and leave it open to the youth withoutethnical separations. Could this be sound for you?

...Then do not hesitate to contribute finantially to make this BIG collective dream come true. Your contribution shall be treated with all transparency.

Once again thanks for your interest.